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AOS offers off-duty police officers who are certified through Arizona's Peace Officer Standards and Training who are active or former police officers. All AOS off-duty officers are armed, highly-trained professionals to protect individuals and deter or prevent violence and take the appropriate measures to resolve a potentially volatile situation in the workplace or elsewhere. There are a variety of ways AOS can help businesses and their employees with their security needs.

We are seeing more and more instances of workplace violence stemming from a disgruntled employee, employee termination, or outside threat by a former employee, spouse of an employee, or business client. We are also seeing a rise or heightened awareness of mental illness and unpredictability of an individual under stress or otherwise incapable of managing anger. Employers must take any potential threat of violence seriously to protect their employees and clients or customers.

Employee terminations can range from routine to high-risk, sometimes changing rapidly as they occur. The presence of an off-duty officer in your workplace, in plain clothes or uniform, can deter or prevent a violent incident from occurring to ensure the safety of your employees. Off-duty officers are equipped with the necessary skills to diffuse a volatile situation or prevent an act of violence through their vast experience interacting with and protecting the community.

AOS also offers executive protection for business executives and professional athletes, traffic control at construction or utility repair sites throughout the valley, parking lot patrol at shopping malls, security at special events, and theft prevention.