The founder of Arizona Off-Duty Specialists (AOS), Gary McGuire, is a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of combined law enforcement and military experience and has served the private business sector for nearly 15 years providing security under the fundamental principles of trust, excellence, and integrity. Mr. McGuire's vast and unique law enforcement background and business experience give him an advantage over his competitors in the security industry to provide businesses with the expertise and they need and expect. AOS hires only highly-skilled and professional off-duty officers and security guards with the knowledge and experience to protect your business employees and property and handle whatever security threat or concern may arise.

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The larger security agencies in Arizona tend to sell a one-size-fits-all security solution to businesses rather than taking the time to learn about your business operations and employees. The business model of AOS centers around using a personal approach tailored to the specific needs of your business while providing the highest level of service and commitment in solving safety concerns. AOS will take the time to create a fully customized security plan that fits not only your business needs, but your budget as well. This personal approach, combined with vast industry expertise, garners customer satisfaction and the utmost confidence and trust in AOS to protect your employees, customers, and property.

AOS serves a vast array of business industries including hospitals, law firms, homeowners' associations, property management firms, sports teams, banking and investment institutions, community recreational centers, retail corporations, churches, professional athletes and performers, construction companies, special event planners, and others. There is no safety concern too large or too small for AOS to assist you with and solve. Services are provided for any length of time required to resolve the safety concern at issue, whether it be an isolated or ongoing safety concern or threat.